Quality from nature

Health is also a question of quality

Puropharm stands for trust and quality. We place great value to people’s health and welfare. In our selection of brands we focus on high-quality, natural and reliable products in which we personally believe.

Products which we distribute have to meet a range of criteria to be taken up to our product portfolio. In our careful selection we are not limited to the knowledge of natural ingredients to ensure safety. Furthermore we pay particular attention to the environmental challenges concerning the extracting of raw materials and ingredients as well as to questions of safety and sustainability.

We know the important role of every step in the processes of developing and manufacturing. We are aware of the consequences, which have to sustain critical consideration. Therefore, we pay particular attention that quality standards will be fulfilled in each step of the processes. Consumers are rightfully critical – that’s why we seriously take care and ensure that we offer them the best possible solutions with our high-quality products made in Germany. Products you can rely on at all times. Products which make you happy and ensure satisfaction. Sales success makes us proud and keeps us constantly on the move for innovation.


Environmental protection


People who care about nature, sustainability and safety search for brands that share these values. This is an important aspect on which we put a great value in our selection of brands and products. What can we say, we have a soft spot for resource-friendly, energy-efficient and environmentally suitable products.



We realize that the availability of some ingredients is limited. The most important basic rule for us therefore is, to support the sustainable supply of these raw materials. We are also constantly working on developing effective alternatives in order to ensure our high-quality standards into the future.

Product reliability


It is one of our key goals: providing high-quality products you can always rely on. Therefore, we take care on selecting high quality and natural raw materials from reliable sources. We make sure that clinical examinations and dermatological tests are performed regularly, e.g. Glysomed products. We ensure that the entire production process takes place in Germany – according to EU Standards – and furthermore to continuously optimize management processes, we ascertain that the production process is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
The GMP specifications for food applications are defined in the Codex Alimentarius. This is an international code of good practice which is not obligatory but recommended, defining general principles of food hygiene.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)*
Risk analysis in each step of food processing and protection of standards, which are identified.

Halal- Zertifikat
The Halal certification ensures, that criteria of islamic regulations – like quality, purity and manufacturing processes – are considered in all products.

Furthermore our products are GVO free, which means no genetically modified substances. Standardised herbal extracts ensure constant level of quality. While, distribution via pharmacies offers proven expert advice.

*GMP/HACCP from Codex Alimentarius