food supplements for the whole family

The brand Marinox offers outstanding nutritional supplements matching various healthcare needs for the whole family. Their mission is to provide the customer with the best possible product within each category.
In order to meet these high requirements, all Marinox products are exclusively manufactured and regularly monitored in Germany.

Increasing your well-being and quality of life

Marinox represents innovation, quality, security and care. The brand’s aim is to develop products which help people to improve their well-being and quality of life. Carefully selected raw materials and quality-assured production guarantees high product reliability in order to sustainably promote confidence in the brand.

Health areas

Marinox products are suitable for men, women, children and teenagers. Available as capsules, tablets, liquids lozenges and – soon – as effervescent tablets. The basis are following vitamins, minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, multivitamins, selenium and zinc. They work in the following health areas:

  • energy and vitality
  • heart
  • brain
  • metabolism and detoxification
  • immune system
  • bones and joints
  • stomach and intestines
  • liver
  • menopause
  • omega-3
  • pregnancy and nursing

Effective products under the highest quality standards

Marinox guarantees compliance with international quality standards in order to provide best reliability. The ISO certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO and HACCP is the basis for the manufacturing process. In addition Marinox products are also Halal-certified. Seals, labels and certificates comply with European and FDA Standards.

  • High quality commodities from the best German and European suppliers and manufacturers
  • GMP production means pharmaceutical quality
  • IFS Food, HACCP certification
  • Halal certification
  • Standardized plant extracts
  • Non GMO – No genetically modified ingredients
  • Innovative very effective formulas
  • Well-balanced compositions
  • Regular quality and hygiene assessments
  • Exclusively at pharmacies

Notice: Not all of Marinox products are currently available at