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About us

We are a young and innovative company with a young ambitious team specialized in the distribution of high-quality nutritional supplements, body care products and sports nutrition. The complete product range is developed, manufactured and packaged in Germany.

The distribution of the high quality brands Glysomed and Marinox is our focal point. The body care products of Glysomed and the nutritional supplements of Marinox meet the highest quality standards. All of the products are developed, produced and packaged in Germany. They are available to purchase online and in pharmacies.

Beside the issues of body care and nutritional optimization, we further engage ourselves in developing Private Labels of sports supplements and nutrition. Hereby we offer a wide range of excellent products perfectly matching the demands and requirements of amateur and professional athletes. The advantage is that our Customers and Clients, e.g. operators of fitness centers, are enabled to market these products in their own name and on their own terms. The products can be customized to individual needs, while the marketing process supported by our team. As a result they take advantage of being in complete control over the entire marketing process.

We wish you a good and healthy life!
Your Puropharm Team

Our Philosophy


Human health and welfare are of special significance to us. Through our careful selection processes we offer reliable products we can trust ourselves. Good products, designed to suit the needs of people who care about health, sustainability and quality. People, who made a decision for an environmentally aware lifestyle and who are interested in issues of healthcare, a healthy diet, fitness and wellness.

Our aim is the reliable support of our costumers with the best products to stay fit and healthy.

Our team at Puropharm


Our team is characterized by a well-developed passion for issues like health and nature through nutrition, wellness and fitness. Our aim is to provide the best products for a better and healthier life. As an old German proverb states: „Usually you don’t maintain your health on time, you don’t start until you realize what has been leftover.”

Bijan Parwini
– Associate and general manager –

Through years of activity in healthcare industry he is well-versed in this area. He is somebody who knows how to combine entrepreneurial thinking with the spirit of quality and innovation.
At Puropharm he is responsible for sales and finance.


Arash Vahedipour
– Associate and general manager –

Well experienced in establishing and organizing companies, also in an international context.
At Puropharm he is responsible for all issues concerning processes and quality management.

Our partners


When it comes to the choice of our strategic partners we particularly pay attention to their experience, performance and reliability. In our opinion, these are the values which play a decisive role in building long lasting relationships. That’s why we cooperate closely with the best and strongest distribution and trade companies on the market. Thus we want to ensure, that all of our products are available in pharmacies at any time.

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Along the entire supply chain


Habitums area of activity concentrates on production, import, export, trade and distribution. The company focuses on sales, training, education on products and preparation of marketing concepts. Specialized in business-to-business-area Habitums highly motivated and competent teams are operating in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. The products of Habitum are distributed in pharmacies, health food shops, organic markets and wellness areas.

→ www.www.pharmavertrieb-habitum.de

At the right time at the right place

At home, on the way, in hospitals, in nursing homes: day by day millions of people require medicine. As one of the leading european pharmaceutical companies the Phoenix group, with its wholesale trade, retail trade and pharma services, provides medicines in 26 countries and ensures having all the products at the right time at the right place. The first seed of the company was the pharmaceutical wholesale trade. One of the core capabilities is the reliable, secure and efficient supply of pharmacies, medical doctors and medical facilities.

PHOENIX is providing the full range of medicine and health products to customers in the pharmaceutical wholesale trade. Country-specific highly developed storage and delivery processes ensure a fast, secure and nationwide delivery. Various offers and services, as for example: supporting the patient consulting in pharmacies or modern goods management systems, enhances the range of specialized service offerings. In addition, Phoenix offers numerous professional services to pharmaceutical companies, such as the modular processing of the entire movement of goods to customers of the pharmaceutical industry and back, including even most demanding product contexts like temperature sensitive medicine.

→ www.phoenixgroup.eu

From pharmacists for pharmacists

By founding the NOWEDA cooperative association in the year 1939, independent pharmacists had the idea to carry out storage and distribution processes by themselves by building up an own business enterprise. This early form of cooperation by independent and forward looking pharmacists has been a success up to the present day. Noweda is acting in the name of the self response-led member pharmacies.

The corporate policy is based on the legal obligation of the pharmacies to supply medicine to the population in a comprehensive, secure and fast way. In addition, the cooperative association is providing support to enable member pharmacies to be successful in the health sector.

→ www.noweda.de